How can I go to Istanbul City Center from Istanbul Airports?

There are two airports in Istanbul.

  • Istanbul Ataturk Airport ( European Side)
  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport ( Asian Side)

How can I go to city center from Istanbul Ataturk Airport?

Ataturk Airport is the biggest and most busy airport of Turkey. It is very close to the city centre. Many airways have flights to Ataturk Airport.

1- By Means of Havatas Shuttle Bus

There is a bus stop for Havatas buses both in front of domestic and international terminals of arrivals.

If you are using domestic terminal you can see the bus stop as soon as you go out.

If you are using international terminal; there are two gates of the arrival of international terminal which are gate A and gate B. If you use get A, turn right and walk about 150 metres. However if you use gate B, you can see it on the left side in the middle way.

Havatas buses go to Taksim in every half hour. The first bus is at 4:00 am and the last one is at 1:00am. These buses follow the way insequence Bakirkoy Sahilyolu, Yenikapi Marmaray Station and Taksim.(last station)

Havatas Shuttle Bus

Havatas Shuttle Bus

2-Going to City Center by Metro

In the airport you can follow the metro signs to reach metro station. You must buy tickets or coins to get in.

I advise you to buy Istanbul Card in the entrance of metro station. You can buy and load money in it and then you can use it in all public transportation. The last stop of metro is Yenikapi.

Istanbul Card
Istanbul Card
  • If your hotel is in Sultanahmet, you can get off in Zeytinburnu which is six stops from the airport and get on the tram which goes through Kabatas and then get off ┬áSultanahmet Station.
  • If your hotel is in Sirkeci, get off at the last stop in Yenikapi and get on Marmaray which is going through Ayrilikcesme and then get off in Sirkeci.
  • If you want to pass through Asian Side, you can get off in Yenikapi and transfer to Marmaray which goes through Ayrilikcesme.
  • If your hotel is in Taksim, you must get off in Yenikapi and transfer to the metro which goes through Haci Osman and you can drop in Taksim. If your hotel is close to Galata Tower you may get off in Sishane station and then walk 5 minutes.

3-Going by airport Taxi

When you get out of the airport you can easily see the taxis. In Turkey taxis stop there are taxi guides. They may help you about the apporiximate price of the location you will go. Price of taxi may change according to the route the driver chooses and the traffic jam.

4-Buying transfer from the firms of airport transfer

There are many firms that you can reserve and pay from internet. After reading about some firms, you may reserve one. If you reserve from these firms, the prices are clear. There is no extra charge. They will take you to the hotel.


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