How to Have a Cheap Holiday

When the risk of security begins to increase the pirces aoutomatically decrease. Turkey has the risk of security for about a year. That’s why some other countries like Spain, Greece and Italy are getting millions of tourists.

I am an owner of a travel agency and i have had dialogues with thousands of people till now. I do believe that most of the foreigners have wrong thoughts about Turkey.

Turkey is a big country which has the population of 79 millions people and 783,562 square kilometres (302,535 square miles). History is very rich and the beaches are wonderful.

Last week i had a wonderful holiday with my wife and two children in Oren and Bodrum. It was quite peaceful and the prices were quite cheap.

Unfortunately, there has been a failed coup. Somebody believe it is a set up coup like Reichstag Fire. In some cities of Turkish Republic protests against this military fail coup are stil going on however, in popular touristic areas except from Istanbul there are no protests.

In the popular coasts of Mediterreanean and Eagean part of Turkey, there are many big hotels which are everything included. If you have questions in your mind about security in Turkey, You may prefer Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Kemer, Side, Belek, Didim and Kusadasi.

I do advise you to choose one of these areas to spend wonderful time, keep in mind that plane tickets, hotel prices and airport transfer prices are quite cheap now a days.

Have a nice holiday.

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