Hagia Sophia

Modern Istanbul has two airports. The Atatürk Airport is in the European side and it is just thirty minutes drive to historical peninsula, the World Heritage Site of Istanbul. Practical way is taking shuttle services. Without no doubt, even you have two or more hours it is worth to visit historical peninsula because edifices of four empire start on the way. The gorgeous city walls welcomes you. After entering from one of the old city gates the Ottoman and Byzantinean relics fascinates you. Starting from the Hippodrom of Byzantine time-saving route is visiting The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Cathedral,Hagia Irene Church (from exterior) and Topkapı Palace of Ottoman’s. Through this best route you will enjoy a peerless walk on the ceromonial way, a glance to the sea of Marmara, magical wiev of the historical peninsula, The Bosphorus, Asian side, Galata District, Golden Horn and so on. If there is four or more hours to enjoy it is better adding the Basilical Cistern adjecent to St. Sophia. The Ottoman palace’s garden Gulhane Park is also in five minutes walk. Please adorn yor time with a glass of tea or a couple of Turkish coffee.

If you are curious about traditional, modern and religious life of Istanbul you may prefer alternative route starting with the Beyazıt Square and Beyazıt Mosque and going on from the Grand Bazaar  to Suleymaniye Mosque, one of the masterieces of the Great Architect Sinan. Confidently you may prefer this route to experince and smell all you desire.  The terrace cafes overlooking to the Golden Horn, Galata, Bosphorus serve aiso  excellent city wiev.

In case of being a favour of museums, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum and The great Placae Mozaics Museum unique alternatives with the displaying priceles traces of all civilizations during the historical ages. Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue are the modern face of Istanbul and hearth of the city. İstiklal Avenue and its surroundings is famaous for night life, cafe-bars, hundred year old passages, brand new shops etc. Drink a glass of tea or an alcoholic drink and inhale refreshment with modern daily life of legendary Istanbul.taleistanbul

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is in the Asian side and sixty or seventy minutes drive to historical relics. If you have less than four hours to enjoy it is logical to experience  Asian side. Kadikoy is famaous for itslovely cafes, bars and shores of the Sea of Marmara. On the other hand Üsküdar welcomes visitors with important Ottoman relics and worldwide-known  the Maiden Tower in the middle of the Sea of Marmara, serving a miythological wiev of World Heritage Site, Golden Horn, Galata and Dolmabahce Palace. Taking a shuttle service and accesing the Prince İslands by ferry is also attracting. If you have four or more time to explore and enjoy four imperial masterpieces and other glamorous alternatives are worth to eveluate. Pasccards is being sold in the entance of museums and historical sites are reasonable if visitation points are more than two. Bringin a small water and wearing  a raincoat may be handy against variable climate. Visiting with professional tour guide is sensible, informative and time-saving.

Enjoy your time! Enjoy magic Istanbul!

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