Sirkeci – the centre of Istanbul

View of Galata Tower from Sirkeci

Sirkeci is 25 kms, away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport and 45 kms away from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

From Sirkeci you can go to the most popular palces of Istanbul by walking. It’s one of the best location in Istanbul for accomodation.

In the past, Sirkeci was the last station of trains from Europe. It was not named as Sirkeci in those times; the tourists were welcome by the following sign:” Welcome to Istanbul”. Orient Express was also welcomed by the last station of Istanbul.

Sirkeci is by the sea. You may get on one of the ferries to make a Bosphorus tours.A view Bosphorus from our office

Eminonu, Sultanhamam, Mahmutpasa, Sultanahmet and Galata Karakoy are very close locations to Sirkeci.There are many hotel options you can evaluate in Sirkeci such as Askoc Hotel, Yasmak Sultan Hotel, Neorion Hotel, Elanaz Hotel, Sultania Hotel and Orka Royal Hotel.

Hocapasa Street in Sirkeci has many local restaurants. In the past Sirkeci was a business centre and these local restaurants were serving for the traders. Now serving for tourists, these small local restaurants have many traditional Turkish food. If you prefer Kebap you must visit  Kardesler Kebap Hasan Usta, for doner you must visit Kasap Osman, for meatballs Rumeli Koftecisi and for pide i strictly advise you to visit Hocapasa Pidecisi.Kebapci Kardesler Hasan Usta and Hocapasa Pidecisi

Let me tell you the places you can visit by walking: you may arrive at famous Egypt Bazaar in 8 minutes ffrom Sirkeci. You may find best quality saffron and Turkish Delight. The best shop for these is “Malatya Pazari”

You may arrive at Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque(Sultanahmet), Topkap Palace, Basilica Cistern, Aya Irini Church and Archeological Museum in 10 minutes which are the most popular places of the city of Istambul. It takes you 13 minutes to go to Grand Bazaar.

You may pass to Asian Side by ferry from Eminonu and by metro from Sirkeci tarin station. we call Marmaray.

Another addvantage for you is that you can drink your coffee viewing the sea after passing Galata Bridge or you may climb Galata Tower.

Don’t forget to get on Kadikoy ferry from Eminonu to feel the pleasure of seeing Bosphorus. You will have many options to eat dinner or drink something. I advise you to visit Bahariye Street and Moda in Kadikoy.

You can not finish your holiday without drinking Turkish coffee. Please try it with a small piece of chocolate or a piece of Turkish delight. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water before drinking your Turkish coffee because it is a tradition for us. Why? Because you feel the taste of coffee better after a glass of water. My favourite place is behind Sirkeci Train Staion on Istasyon Arkasi Sok. Entrance of Sardar Han. Best Turkish coffee.Serdar Han Cay Evi ve Kahve ( Tea House and Turkish coffee)

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