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Istanbul is a very ancient city which has approximately 8500 years of history. This historical big cityincreases millions of tourists’ curiosty while millions of tourists are visiting Istanbul by airways and highways, foreigners prefering seaway are increasing day by day.Recently many cruises have added Istanbul to their routes.Cafes in Karakoy

Istanbul Port is in the centre of the city. In Karakoy which is very close to the port, there are several cafes. You may have a coffee break in one off these cafes and than start to explore Istanbul City. I will advise you….istanbul-777067_960_720

1- If you prefer visiting historical places, after you get out of the main gate of the port, you should turn right and walk about 250metres. You will see tram station of Findikli. Buy a token there, get on the tram which is going trough Bagcilar and please get off in Sultanahmet. As soon as you get off the tram(6th station) you will see Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia opposite. Hagia Sophia , Blue Mosque, Hypodrom Square Topkapi Palace, Basalic Cistern, Archeology Museum and Islamic Art Museum are all in the same area, very close to eachother. You may also visit Grand Bazaar which is 10 minutes from this area by walking.

You may not have have time to visit all these places in a day. Some cruises stay in the part for just one day, so please make a plan about where you will viit before coming.

Don’t Forget!

*You must have Turkish Lira to buy tram token.

*On Mondays Hagia Sophia, on Tuesdays Topkapi Palace and on Sundays Grand Bazaar is closed.

2- If you prefer visiting Taksim Square or Istiklal Street, you should again use Findikli Tram Station but this time you will go through Kabatas. You should get off in Kabatas which is the last stop. In Kabatas stop you will get on Finikuler tram to go to Taksim Square. You may do shopping, sit in a restaurant or cafe or just take a walk through Istiklal Street. At the end of Istiklal Street, there is the world’s second metro station which is called Tunel. You may get on the metro here and get off in Karakoy and just walk to the port. You may also prefer getting on tram and get off in port after 2 stops. I advise you to get on the tram.

If you would like to see Galata Tower, when you come to the end of Istiklal Street just turn left and walk down on the street. After you visit the tower, you go back to the port using Serdar Ekrem Street.

Serdar-ı Ekrem Street

3-If you prefer to eat or drink something towards Bosphorus, you may get on a taxi in the port and visit Ortakoy. A wonderfull place to take a walk or eat/ drink something by Bosphours. Going to Ortakoy from the port by taxi is about 20$ max.

4-Last, you may ask if you can go to all the palces by taxi instead of tram. Sure! But the yellow taxies in and around port takes 3 or 5 times more money than it makes. That’s why it is very expensive. If you are a group there are many transfer firms which can present you this service. You may contact one ot them and make reservation on the net.

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